Thomas Schütte’s installations, sculptures, models, drawings and watercolors can take many, often contradictory guises. His art looks utilitarian, offering shelter, sustenance and companionship, yet delivers false promises and alien worlds: a museum that incarcerates art; potatoes made of bronze; or an artist’s own ‘audience,’ consisting of wooden stands-ins or metallic figures assembled before his work. The artist deploys a vivid spectrum of colors and a range of materials to revision the basic constituents – natural, cultural, and political 0 of everyday life whilst exploring fundamental questions about the artist and society. A survey of his works was presented in 1998 by the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London, De Pont Foundation in Tilburg and Serralves Foundation in Porto. His permanent public commissions can be found in Antwerp, Münster, Kassel and Neuengamme.